Our Services

Are you looking for a property management company that will:

  • Answer your questions and respond to your needs?
  • Keep you updated on your properties?
  • Send you regular monthly statements and reports?
  • Keep tabs on your renters?

We communicate with our owners. We answer our phones and emails. We provide property inspections and report the results to you within 48 hrs. If your renters are ever late in paying their rent, we keep in contact with you, until the problem is resolved. We'll let you know when your property is about to become vacant so that you won't be surprised if you don't receive a rent check.

We pride ourselves on our excellent communication with our owners.


AmeriWest Realty L.L.C. provides all of the following personal property management services:

  • Communication - We pride ourselves in communicating with our property owners.  Because of this you won't be left wondering what's happening with your rental property.  In fact we have an Owners Telephone Hotline, dedicated for owners use only.  when you call 702-656-8905, your call is answered by the Broker/Owner of AmeriWest Realty.
  • Experience - We have been managing rental properties since 1980 in the Las Vegas area.  AmeriWest Realty has been in business since 2005.. When you hire us you get experience and knowledge
  • Great Renters We'll hand pick a great renter for your property by pulling their credit scores, doing eviction check, checking their job and income history and by calling their previous landlords.  Great renters = steady, relliable rental income.
  • Property Inspections- We do them !!
  • No Emotional Hassles- You won't have any of the emotional hassles of dealing with renters. We handle all of that for you.  We are very firm, but fair with our tenants.
  • Fast Owner Payout- We mail your rent check within 48 hours of having received the rent, and most times sooner.
  • Repairs- We are 24-7 on your investments repairs.  We always send you emails to keep you posted  on repairs. Any repairs over $300.00 we will notify you with a phone call.  We give you the option of holding $300.00 in our escrow account for your repairs or paying them yourself or we will pay the bill for you, for a fee of 10%
  • Advertising- We advertise on our website, on 7 different rentals websites, we will place your home on the military websites as well as socail media and craiglist. Your investment will have a listing in our rental magaizine, For Rent sign at your property.  The montly advertising fee is $125.00 This is a saving of over $225.00 .
  • H.O.A.- We will handle the H.O.A. for you.  Just fax or email us your courtesy letters and we will take care of the problem.  If we need to go to a H.O.A. hearing for you, no problem we will go!
  • High Integrity- Finally, a property management company that takes pride in having high standards of ethics and integrity.

What sets us apart from other property management companies is:

  1. Personalized, attentive service with thorough communication.
  2. Expert knowledge of the industry and local real estate market.
  3. Experience dealing with all kinds of property and tenancy issues.
  4. Established relationships with local services providers of all types.
  5. Membership in HomeRentals.net - which provides us with the most advanced technology tools to serve you well.